Retorio, an AI Coaching Platform Follow Nov 15, 2023 · 1 min read
Retorio, an AI Coaching Platform
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Retorio is a state-of-the-art Behavioral Intelligence (BI) platform that combines organizational research and psychological science with machine learning to elevate learning and growth in enterprises.

The AI startup, had raised €9 million in Series-A funding to expand its personalized AI coaching platform. The funding came from SquareOne, Porsche Ventures, and Storm Ventures. Existing investors included Basinghall Partners, Passion Capital, and Sofia Angels Ventures.

Retorio’s proprietary Behavioral Intelligence technology uses video analysis to identify and train successful behaviors in sales, service, and leadership teams. The platform has been used by five out of the ten most profitable German companies to boost employee performance.

Retorio, an AI company, offers coaching to businesses across various industries, including automotive, insurance, telecommunications, and logistics. The company aims to close skills and motivation gaps in employees, gather data on desired and actual behaviors, and demonstrate corporate transformation progress.

Retorio’s founder and co-CEO, Dr. Patrick Oehler, believes AI can make us more human by improving interpersonal skills. The company creates a learning space that encourages self-awareness, connecting with customers and colleagues, and improving behavior. The digital coach, who knows best practices from peers, is always ready to provide honest feedback.

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