Haut.AI receives €2 million in seed funding for AI skin analysis

new.blicio.us Follow Nov 15, 2023 · 1 min read
Haut.AI receives €2 million in seed funding for AI skin analysis
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Haut.AI, an Estonian-based generative AI startup, has raised €2 million in seed funding from LongeVC and Grupo Boticário shareholders. The funding will help Haut.AI expand its skincare e-commerce personalization software and focus on multimodal generative artificial intelligence for skin analysis. The company aims to redefine skincare commerce by democratizing access to precise skincare analysis and providing a data-driven experience that benefits both brands and customers.

Having been founded in 2018, they’re a leader in online skincare analysis, partnering with top retailers like Beiersdorf and Ulta Beauty. Its scientifically backed tech offers easy-to-integrate software for retailers, brands, and clinics to offer precise digital skin analysis and personalized product recommendations. Major stakeholders, including LongeVC’s managing partner Garri Zmudze, believe Haut.AI’s cutting-edge tech will underpin the next generation of skin health, from early detection to diagnostics and personalized care.

Haut.AI has a vast skin imaging dataset with over 150 biomarkers, 3 million images, and billion data points, ensuring unparalleled skin diversity. The company has been using generative AI since 2016, including Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), to generate high-quality synthetic data for training and experimentation. In May 2023, Haut.AI announced SkinGPT, a virtual skincare try-on, using clinical claims. The company uses GenerativeAI to check for biases as part of its ethical AI commitment.

Check out their tool, SkinGPT, in action:

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