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A look back when Twitter with $1 Billion Valuation

Fast-growing startup Twitter did end up joining the select group of startups valued at over $1 billion in private funding back in September of 2009. CEO Evan Williams disclosed the ma...

May 05, 2021

Relationship Between Flat Washers And Bearing Surfaces

Nuts and bolts might be the stars of the fastener show, but they rely on flat washers to achieve top performance. Flat washers are stamped from metal or synthetic materials. They are ...

May 05, 2021

5 Tips to Reduce Waste In Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing has given the world access to amazing technologies. Since the 1800s, industrial processes have allowed consumers to receive goods that offer greater consisten...

May 02, 2021

Eric Ries’ Silicon Valley-based Long-Term Stock Exchange opens for trading

The Long Term Stock Exchange began trading not with a bell, but with a video conference.

Apr 23, 2021

Qué debe tener una propuesta económica?

¿Qué debe tener una propuesta económica para obtener la aceptación del cliente?

Apr 18, 2021

What should an economic proposal contain?

What must an economic proposal have to obtain the customer’s acceptance?

Apr 18, 2021

TF-IDF explained

The ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) is a minefield of algorithms and protocols that are complex, and yet vitally important in today’s digital marketing sec...

Apr 02, 2021

Livelia, the furniture and decoration marketplace, opens with a pre-seed round of 115,000 euros

Livelia, a marketplace co-created by WedidVentures and Grupo Caballero that will break into the home category at the beginning of June, closes a pre-seed round of 115,000 euros for pr...

Apr 02, 2021

Launching Your Big Idea in Just 7 Days

From a revolutionary app concept to a novel ecommerce offering, you likely have a startup or product vision brewing you’re excited to unveil. Rather than letting a grand launch remain...

Apr 02, 2021

Mentes Millonarias, el app que motiva a emprendedores

¿Estás intentando poner en marcha un negocio, pero las cosas no están saliendo bien? Es cierto que muchos emprendedores han tenido éxito en impulsar sus ideas de negocio, pero también...

Mar 25, 2021