Sweden Bets Big on Next-Gen Battery Tech Enerpoly Secures $8.4 Million to Build World's First Zinc-Ion Megafactory Follow Dec 12, 2023 · 1 min read
Sweden Bets Big on Next-Gen Battery Tech Enerpoly Secures $8.4 Million to Build World's First Zinc-Ion Megafactory
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Sweden is placing a major bet on zinc-ion batteries as the next frontier for energy storage. This week, Stockholm-based startup Enerpoly announced an $8.4 million grant to establish the planet’s first high-volume manufacturing plant for this promising technology.

Led by CEO Eloisa de Castro, Enerpoly has developed an innovative zinc-ion design that’s safer, more sustainable, and economical than lithium-ion batteries. The company’s batteries use abundant materials like zinc and manganese, avoiding supply chain woes and price hikes.

Perhaps more importantly, Enerpoly’s batteries are non-flammable and non-explosive. That makes them uniquely suited for dense neighborhoods, critical infrastructure, and other sensitive locations. As cities push towards renewable energy, challenges like these have blocked wider adoption so far.

Enerpoly’s new facility, the Enerpoly Production Innovation Center (EPIC), will start with an annual output of 100 megawatt-hours. That’s enough to power over 9,000 homes for a year! EPIC will allow Enerpoly to streamline and automate production, scale up zinc-ion manufacturing, and drive down long-term costs.

The $8.4 million grant comes from the Swedish Energy Agency, which has invested €90 million in over 250 startups to spur sustainability. The funding catalyzes Enerpoly’s plan to raise additional private capital for EPIC.

Beyond enabling Europe’s green transition, EPIC positions Enerpoly as the global leader in zinc-ion tech. The company also aims to build a strong European value chain and protect its intellectual property.

Enerpoly CTO Mylad Chamoun called the grant “a major milestone” for the company and zinc-ion batteries overall. The facility will showcase how the systems can unlock renewable energy at scale. With Sweden’s support, Enerpoly is excited to help drive the global energy transition.

So watch out, lithium-ion - you’ve got a new battery challenger on the horizon! Enerpoly’s zinc-ion tech seems poised to electrify markets in Europe and beyond. If EPIC is any indication, the future for this Swedish startup looks very bright indeed.

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