Instagram now allows you to share and open any profile with a QR code Follow Aug 20, 2020 · 1 min read
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Instagram is updated with support for QR codes to share a profile, replacing ID cards.

Although it was already available in some territories, this feature is now extended globally.

As mentioned in The Verge, QR codes were implemented in Japan last year, but will now be available to everyone.

So far, if you want to simply share your Instagram profile to be followed, we use the nametag. Just open the Instagram camera, scan the card and you have quick access to our profile. A simple, but limited method.

Now with QR codes as an option to share our profile, we don’t limit the user to only using the Instagram camera. So, for example, businesses can take the QR code from their Instagram profile and share it in their store or as part of their marketing strategy.

And any user can scan it with any camera application, and view the profile information or follow it. It’s simple, convenient, and opens up a number of options without the need for other apps. To see this option, just go to your profile and open the side menu (of the three stripes).

If you have the updated Instagram app you’ll see that “ID Card” has been replaced with “QR Code”. Just choose it and you’ll see your profile’s QR Code, with some options to customize it. You can change the background color, add emoticons, or take a seflie and add different items.

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