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Growth hacking tips for startups
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Imagine you multiply the growth of your startup without breaking spending extra money on marketing? Do you like this picture? This is how you will feel after implementing this 10 growth hacking tips.

Growth is very important to a startup. The founder of the Y Combinator, Paul Graham defines “at startup as a company designed to grow fast.”

There are thousands of ways you can hack the growth of your startup and these 10 growth hacking tips would help bring growth to your startup.

  1. Use Exit Pop-ups WordPress exit popups

Using exit pop-ups is a brilliant way to capitalize on users who have already seen your products services or offers. With exit pop-ups, the JavaScript would identify when a user is about to leave your webpage and automatically pop-up a last-minute offer to the user.

You can use this to give users last minute offers to your product for services, send them to a specific page or blog post, and ask them to sign-up to your email list before they exit the website.

  1. Send welcome/drip emails to new users

Welcome emails get a 90% open rate, you can create a simple welcome message or drip email series to your recent email lists.

A simple warm hello, your product tutorial, an introduction to your brand, services, or product would do, try not to sell to your new users immediately after they sign up to your email list. They are already getting tons of email, so make it something that would be in their interest and not yours.

3. Push notification

Push notification increases customer engagement and increases sales. If your startup has an app, you can use this growth hacking tip to re-engage customers with your app or use the web push notifications.

You can use Onesignal or Pushcrew to send real-time updates to your users.

  1. Giveaways and contests

android authority giveaway

Giving back to your customers is an impressive way to show you care and appreciate them. Everyone loves free or cheap things; you would get tons of traffic and shares when you do giveaways.

It is also a simple way to get fresh email leads. You can run this contest on social media or your websites and have thousands of people would enter their emails to join the contests. It can also spread the word about your brand.

5. Build a community of your users

Building a community for your users is a brilliant way to create the growth hacking framework AAARRR (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral). A niche-based community can turn active customers into brand evangelists and make you an authority in your niche.

There are two ways you can build your user community:


Creating a group where your users can talk about your product on social media link Facebook or linked group or creating a forum on a domain. For example, Clickfunnels have a Facebook community with over 200,000 plus active users and potential users helping each other. The official forum has over 1 million users passionate about using WordPress to build their website.


Offline event is a way to bring together people passionate about the niche or your product, an example is the sales force event which brings together 170,000 plus CRM passionate users. Clickfunnel, HubSpot, Staastr, and many others using this strategy.

6. Use influencers/expert review on landing pages

Having influencers or expert reviews on your landing page would give your new users a positive view of your products or services and make they would be more likely to buy from you.

The expert or influencer has to be in your niche, to begin with, one simple way to get this review is by giving out your product or service for free and ask for a review. You can also check who is talking about your competitor’s product on twitter or their homepage and reach out to them.

7. Use customers testimonials on landing pages

In the world of marketing studies have shown that 85% of people prefer word-to-mouth marketing to direct sales, so having your user’s testimony of products or services on your landing page would give the customers an excellent sense of security of your brand.

Ask acting users for reviews and add them to your website homepage, this would make the customer feel safe to use their credit card on your business site.

8. Use the skyscraper content strategy

I am sure you know how important good content is and how it can increase your company user’s growth. The skyscraper content strategy works fast to rank.

It involves using reverse engineering to create a content that is better than an existing one, so all you have to do is a search on google or user buzz sumo to find content that your potential audience like and make a better one.

9. Referral campaign

What happens after users download your eBooks or free resources? You just grab their email and send them to a thank you page? What if you can get their emails and still make them share your site content, product, promos, and whatever you want them to share with others?

Govirial is a platform I just recently started using, it allows users to share your site content, product, or promos and get rewarded with a free resource.

10.Users Data Analysis

With the user’s analysis, you could know how a user interacts with your website, you can see what page the user navigates to and how long they spend on a particular page.

The google analysis can do this, but if you need more detailed information, I suggest you use Hotjar, you could see heat maps and videos of clicks, navigations, and many more. You can use this growth hacking tip to grow your startup.

We hope you enjoy and try this 10 growth hacking tips to grow your startup.

Have a favorite growth hack that you would like to share with us? Leave it in the comments below!

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