In an effort to fight false news and misinformation, Facebook is close to adding a new feature that will limit the forwarding of a message to a certain number of people and Messenger.

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature to combat misinformation by including a magnifying glass icon next to all forwarded messages, and it appears that Facebook is looking for another solution for another of its applications such as Messenger.

In the case of Facebook Messenger, the aim of the social network is to limit the forwarding of a message to a maximum of five people. In this way, it will prevent the spread of hoaxes or false information and prevent it from spreading across the network, thus preventing it from becoming viral.

It is true that limiting to only five people can cause a certain headache to users within an organization, a work environment, or a group of friends, so in that case, they would have to send batches of five in order to fulfill the original function.

Technology companies are looking for a multitude of formulas in their mobile applications to prevent the spread of false news, one of the scourges of information that in this type of known applications are having a considerable rise due to the current health epidemic.


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