What should an economic proposal contain?

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What should an economic proposal contain?
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What must an economic proposal have to obtain the customer’s acceptance?

Before sending an economic proposal, we must take into account what the client expects to find in the proposal. To do this, we can ask the customer what their expectations are. This way we will be better prepared to create an attractive economic proposal and thus get the endorsement we need.

Here are some tips that will be useful to you:

Keep it simple.

To make a good quotation it is no longer necessary to include a large amount of data, since all the details and details of the service will be requested when the client is about to approve your project or the final decision has been made. Placing unnecessary data to impress is no longer recommended. Being concise and focused on the objective will be your best ally.

Everything in its place.

It is important that the quotation is understood at a glance. To begin with, you can make use of formats with tables or bars. This way, each item or section will be easily recognizable and the client will be able to see what interests him the most in an easier way, without distractions.


You must be careful when preparing the presentation and content of the quotation, since this will be the face of your business. Be sure to include the following points, in a clear and easily recognizable way:

Contact details: It is essential to place the address, physical and web; contact numbers, email and associated social networks. You can also include the logo or brand that represents you.

About us: It is necessary to contemplate what the company is dedicated to, the work team that conforms it, references in case of possessing them and the services to be rendered. Do not include unnecessary information or extend too much. Keep it simple.

Objectives of the service: It will include a description of the product or service offered once the payment has been made or at the end of the agreed term. Keep it as simple as possible. Some title, a brief description and quantity of pieces or product divided in category in case it corresponds. To achieve this, a previous study will be necessary. This way you will know exactly how to present the information.

Development of the content of the proposal.

This is to explain what the service will consist of and how it will be provided to our client. If our service comprises different phases, we will have to order them and explain each one.

  • Scope of the proposal. It is very important to make this point very clear. If we do not delimit the scope of our service, unpleasant misunderstandings may arise. Therefore, it is necessary to specify up to where the service is contemplated, and to establish that anything that exceeds these parameters must be previously budgeted. If we clarify from the beginning how far our proposal goes, the client will have a clear idea and this contributes to his well-being and to the reputation of the company.
  • Deadline or agreed delivery date. It is the agreed and estimated date on which the proposed service will be carried out. For this it is very important to plan well and take into account different scenarios. As far as possible, the agreed date should be met. In order not to look bad, you can always add a little more time to the proposed and communicate it to the client before starting the project. This is also very important for a good client-company relationship, as well as to maintain a high standard of the project and a greater benefit for the client.
  • Value of the service. This is another point that should not be forgotten: What does my service bring value to the client? When the benefits that the client will obtain are highlighted, we give more attractiveness to the project and better projection. The more tangible the benefits, the better. Of course, the benefits must be in accordance with the objectives of the project.
  • Return on investment. Instead of presenting the project as a payment for a product or service, it should be shown as an investment. The benefit expected by the client can be quantified, even if only qualitatively. In this way, the client will see it as an investment for his well-being and not simply as a drain on his money. If, in addition, the service to be provided will mean cost savings for the customer in the future, this must be taken into account.
  • Follow-up of the service. This is an aspect that is constantly forgotten, one that clients miss. The truth is that any worthwhile project should propose a follow-up.

When we follow up on a completed job, we are taking responsibility for any inconvenience or defect that may arise.

In doing so, we will be taking data, invaluable information for future work. Keep in mind that when you offer a follow-up, it captures the client’s interest, making them more open to invest in the service.

The follow-up of a service can be approached in the following way:

As each phase of the service is completed.

At the end of the service as a whole. You can also offer a follow-up on how the customer has felt after the service has been provided. This provides security to the client and we will also obtain information to improve our project.

Price and form of payment. All of the above justifies the economic value of the service. If the situation allows it, we must specify the different forms of payment or if there is only one way to cancel.

Before sending.

Once the quotation is ready, it is time to send the proposal to the client. It is important to include the following information in the project: a short and clear title, the body of the email should not be long and only contain the necessary information, attach some thanks and of course the quote in PDF format.

As you can see, submitting a project does not have to be a complicated task or the exclusive competence of professionals. It will require seriousness, commitment and clarity on our part. But if we take into account the guidelines dictated in this material, we can make an attractive proposal for our clients without any inconvenience.

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