Understanding Kred Klout Digital Influence

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Kred and Klout are platforms that measure digital influence. They provide tools to assess an individual or brand’s online influence by analyzing their social media presence and engagement.

Klout was one of the first companies to introduce a measurement algorithm that assigns a numerical score to individuals based on their perceived social influence1. This score, known as the “Klout Score,” has become an industry standard for measuring social media influence2. Klout analyzes factors such as social media engagement, follower count, and the impact of content shared by the individual or brand3.

Similarly, Kred offers its own scoring system to measure influence. The Kred score is based on an individual’s social media activities and the level of engagement they generate4. Kred also provides insights into topic-based communities and the influence of individuals within specific areas of interest5.

Both Klout and Kred aim to provide an understanding of an individual or brand’s digital influence, allowing businesses to identify influential individuals for potential partnerships, marketing campaigns, or hiring purposes12.

Please note that Klout shut down its services in 20181. However, the concept of measuring digital influence and using similar metrics to Klout and Kred remains relevant in assessing online presence and influence.

Source: Entrepreneur: The Pros and Cons of Using Klout and Kred for Hiring

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