Burberry Connecting Trench Coat Lovers

new.blicio.us Follow May 01, 2010 · 1 min read
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by Allison Bethurem

Fashion labels across the board are diving head first into social media to boost their brand awareness across the web, and Burberry just stepped up to the plate with a new social network aimed to connect Burberry trench coat fans and lovers.

The site, The Art of the Trench, is stacked with images upon images of people in their coveted Burberry trenches. It’s so amazing to see the broad range of Burberry wearers, young and old, hip and classic scattered on the main page. It almost makes the thought of owning one not as far off in the distance and one would imagine!

Most of the existing series of images on the site were taken by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, who I have mentioned before and just adore! But Burberry wants everyone to get involved so they have teamed up with Facebook, where any and all photographers and trench coat lovers can participate and upload their favorite images of the coat. Burberry will go through those submitted images and select the best ones to add to the site, encouraging comments and sharing directly via Facebook connect.trench2

If you’re a history buff, take a few minutes to scroll through the history of the Burberry trench coat section and watch the coat transform from the looks of classic Sherlock Holmes to cutting edge Kate Moss.

Kudos to Burberry for bringing the classic trench coat into the realm of social media in the most stylish and elegant way!

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