Paris Contract Software Tomorro Raises €11M To Streamline Workflows Follow Dec 07, 2023 · 1 min read
Paris Contract Software Tomorro Raises €11M To Streamline Workflows
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Paris-based legaltech startup Tomorro has secured €11 million in fresh funding to accelerate development of its contract lifecycle management platform. The Series A round was led by French VC Resonance with participation from Financière Saint James, Motier Ventures and existing backer HenQ.

Tomorro aims to transform inefficient enterprise contract processes using collaboration and automation. Its SaaS solution connects legal teams with sales, marketing and other departments to speed contract drafting, approvals, tracking and more. Even with over 200 customers, vast potential remains addressing an issue that annually costs up to 9% profits industry-wide.

Cofounder Antoine Fabre says this funding enables cementing French leadership and launching international expansion. It follows a prior €3.5 million seed round. The 30-employee firm expects to double headcount soon between commercial growth and forthcoming product enhancements.

Tomorro expedites contract finalization by 4x, reducing email ping-pong through a unified flow. Legal and operational teams access the same document in real-time, slashing review cycles. It also centralizes archiving with reminders for renewals, avoiding missed revenue or compliance failures.

The software integrates with common tools like Salesforce, optimizing workflows. Upcoming AI integration aims to further automation, providing smart recommendations and answers for employees. This will alleviate overburdened legal departments while embedding complex contractual knowledge across organizations.

Fabre recognizes that after e-signatures, signed contracts themselves are digitizing for greater efficiency gains. However, adoption remains low without intuitive platforms enabling seamless collaboration and oversight. Tomorro fills this gap with an easy-to-use cloud solution offering the transparency needed at every contract phase.

With a proven business model already demonstrating strong traction in France, the fresh capital now unlocks reaching Tomorro’s full domestic potential. It additionally opens doors for expanding internationally on the foundations built, as contract pains persist globally. Resonance partner Alexandre Mignon sees a motivated team addressing “really strong market demand.”

Overall Tomorro sits at the intersection of multiple high-value segments - legaltech, regtech, sales enablement and more. Its comprehensive approach strives towards the ambitious vision of making contract interactions effortless for all enterprise roles involved. If achieved through forthcoming AI capabilities and commercial execution, significant value generation appears on the cards.

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