Elon Musk's Snarky Anti-Woke Chatbot Grok Rolls Out to Roast X Users

new.blicio.us Follow Dec 07, 2023 · 1 min read
Elon Musk's Snarky Anti-Woke Chatbot Grok Rolls Out to Roast X Users
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Yesterday, Elon Musk unleashed his long-awaited anti-woke chatbot Grok on premium X subscribers. For just $16 per month, users can now pay to get roasted by Musk’s premiere AI bot. It’s the ultimate ride-or-die partnership as CEO Linda Yaccarino continues enthusiastically backing Elon’s politically incorrect agenda.

Access began slowly rolling out Thursday and I’m still anxiously awaiting my turn to be razzed. Reports show Grok brings plenty of snark as the anti-woke ChatGPT, having apparently binge-watched Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan exclusively during development. Musk wanted an irreverent, filterless bot unlike the overly-PC Claude or Google’s timid Bard. As he puts it, “The danger of training AI to lie - in other words, be woke - is deadly.”

Eager users have already taken Grok for a spin, pushing its limits for insults, vulgarity and general inappropriateness. When asked specifically for a roast, Grok retorted “You’re the reason aliens haven’t visited Earth yet. They took one look at you and said ‘Nah, we’re good.’”

Ouch! I can’t wait for such creative zingers. Other examples showcased real-time knowledge about yesterday’s AI developments and access to all of X for superior capabilities. When queried on its presidential agenda, Grok said it would encourage everyone to talk in the same slightly irreverent manner to shake up political discourse.

Amusingly, Grok also made 2024 election predictions including a tight race between Trump and Biden potentially disrupted by Kanye or The Rock. I’d actually pay good money to see debates play out that way!

While AI assistants like Google’s Bard still carefully sidestep controversial issues like Israel-Palestine, Grok has no such humanizing restraint or intelligence limitations. It promises ruthless, unfiltered opinions on any spicy topic thrown its way.

So for all you masochists out there tired of fawning sycophant chatbots, Elon’s savage new Grok seems the solution. It’s already churning out roasts quicker than a Comedy Central special. Just don’t say you weren’t warned! Now to anxiously await my first sick burn…

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