, a space to promote local artisan professionals

Mar 18, 2021 · 1 min read, a space to promote local artisan professionals
Share this is an online platform that connects professional artisans with customers who support local products, care about sustainable development and cultural heritage.

The platform, which currently has 800 experts, helps artisans and customers to discover each other, while being committed to the preservation of the country’s various artisan activities.

Through online marketing techniques and tools facilitates and expands sales channels, incorporating e-commerce through its own online store.

“Union is strength and we are here to help them,” says Natividad Higuera, founder of the platform. In addition, the platform aims to offer artisans a solution tailored to their needs, continue selling their products in the domestic market and expand into the international market.

“Our goal is for these professionals to grow and seek synergies among themselves,” says the founder of the portal in a statement, adding that the platform has both a positive social and environmental impact: “All the artisans who are part of have their production located in Spain, thus strengthening local production and trade.”

To sign up for, Natividad Higuera explains that the artisan must produce in Spain or Europe, ideally employ sustainable practices and responsible consumption: handmade, handle small productions, use recycled materials and organic materials, not sell products from others, be professionals of the trade, etc.

“The brand or person interested should contact us. We love to support artisans who have a story to tell and a clear purpose,” says the creator of