Raptor Leak Exposes School Safety Plans Across America

Roman Janson Follow Jan 11, 2024 · 1 min read
Raptor Leak Exposes School Safety Plans Across America
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A massive data breach at Raptor Technologies, a provider of school security software, has exposed highly confidential emergency planning documents from thousands of K-12 schools. The leak of over 800 gigabytes of records also included medical files, threat assessments, and personal data on staff and students.

Independent researchers discovered the unsecured trove of documents and alerted Raptor last month. However, the firm only just implemented remediation measures after the exposure was publicly revealed this week.

Raptor’s software tracks attendance, registers campus visitors, and facilitates crisis response for over 60,000 schools globally. The leaked cache offers alarming insight into vulnerabilities across the national education system.

Evacuation routes, gathering points, active shooter procedures, and other emergency plans were among the sensitive materials found unprotected. This intel could aid those seeking to infiltrate schools and endanger students.

Raptor claims no confirmation of data misuse yet but admits multiple external parties accessed the records. The company is investigating the breach and has informed affected customers.

The leak deals another blow to school security concerns in America. It also raises doubts about Raptor’s duty of care over confidential information from thousands of learning institutions.

Heightened cybersecurity safeguards and rapid breach notification protocols are clearly needed to keep students out of harm’s way both on and beyond campus.

Written by Roman Janson Follow
Senior News Editor at new.blicio.us.