R1 Rockets Out of the Gate. Rabbit Sells 10,000 Pocket AI Units on Debut Day

Lily Polanco Follow Jan 11, 2024 · 1 min read
R1 Rockets Out of the Gate. Rabbit Sells 10,000 Pocket AI Units on Debut Day
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Rabbit’s new R1 pocket AI companion has blasted off like a rocket, selling a jaw-dropping 10,000 units in just its first day on the market. This pint-sized technological marvel has generated enormous buzz since its unveiling at CES 2024.

The R1’s launch numbers have exceeded even Rabbit’s optimistic internal projections twentyfold. “When we started building r1, we said internally that we’d be happy if we sold 500 devices on launch day,” Rabbit tweeted. “In 24 hours, we already beat that by 20x!”

Powered by a one-of-a-kind “Large Action Model” AI, the R1 serves as a universal remote control for your digital life. It can cue up playlists, order groceries, text friends, and handle an endless array of tasks - all through a single streamlined interface on its 2.88” touch display.

Early reviews praise the R1’s friendly personality and clever learning capabilities. Tech reporters say it’s like having a capable personal assistant at your fingertips.

The first production run of 10,000 R1 units has sold out in the blink of an eye. But intense interest continues, with pre-orders stacking up fast for the next batch. Rabbit expects to start shipping the second wave in April-May 2024.

If you missed out on the first tranche, head to Rabbit’s website to join the R1 waitlist. At just $199, this portable AI sidekick remains one of the hottest gadgets out there. It might just become 2024’s must-have tech!

Written by Lily Polanco Follow
Junior News Writer @ new.blicio.us.