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Tips to Succeed as a SaaS Startup

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the hottest business models of internet-based businesses, and if done right, it can be quite profitable with little overhead. More than half of ...

Nov 25, 2020

Noyo, which provides APIs that link health insurance companies, brokers, employers, and more, raises $12.5M

Noyo, a startup that provides APIs to health insurance companies & users, announced that it obtained $12.5 million in a Series A round of funding. This funding event was led by Co...

Nov 21, 2020

Now you won’t have to worry if you fall asleep watching Netflix

A feature that can also be perfect for those who leave Netflix in the background while performing other tasks or trying to fall asleep.

Nov 21, 2020

In the Middle East, $704M was invested across 564 different startups in 2019

While the coronavirus had devastated startups every corner of the world, the Middle East surprisingly has a blostering startup scene.

Nov 21, 2020

Cato Networks, a cloud-based security service to protect remote workforces, raises $130M

Cato Networks, the provider of the world’s first SASE-based platform, announced its largest capital effort of $130M in a Series E round of funding…

Nov 20, 2020

Crypto analytics startup Chainalysis raises $100M Series C

Chainalysis, an up-comping crytp investigation company, had recently raised $100 million venture capital at a $1 billion. It was led by the venture capital firm Addition, along with A...

Nov 20, 2020

Visiting an escape room in Los Angeles during COVID

With escape rooms in Los Angeles finally open again after closing during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering what precautions are being taken and if visiting an escape room is...

Nov 20, 2020

Spotify to buy Megaphone, which offers technology for podcast publishers and advertisers seeking targeted slots on podcasts

The company said Tuesday it signed an agreement to acquire advertising technology company Megaphone in a $235 million deal. The companies declined to say whether the deal was cash, st...

Nov 20, 2020

Reasons why your online startup is failing

Have you ever wondered why your online startup is failing? Despite all the efforts and capital you have put in, you never seem to generate enough profit or retain your customers.

Nov 20, 2020

Railsbank, which aims to be a “utility” on which other companies can build financial services, raises a cool $37 million

London-based fintech Railsbank, a member of Lhoft, announced on Thursday that it has raised $37 million, including from Luxembourg-based MiddleGame Ventures. Heading for America!

Nov 20, 2020