Now you won’t have to worry if you fall asleep watching Netflix Follow Nov 21, 2020 · 2 mins read
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A feature that can also be perfect for those who leave Netflix in the background while performing other tasks or trying to fall asleep.

Netflix has already tried different options thinking about users who spend long hours watching series and movies. Surely you remember the famous messages “Are you still watching…?” or “Are you still watching…? An option for those who forget the TV on or who fall into Morfeo’s arms.

But it seems that Netflix wants to try a different dynamic for these occasions. As mentioned in MakeUseOf, Netflix could add a timer along with the rest of its features. Yes, a timer that the user could program to make Netflix lock automatically after a certain time.

That’s what you can deduce from some details that you will find by analyzing the code of the latest version of the Netflix application. Although there is no certainty about Netflix’s plans regarding this discovery, it would be an interesting bonus if it is added to the app.

A dynamic that works perfectly, for example, in Spotify, since it allows you to program an automatic shutdown timer for both songs and podcast episodes. So we can fall asleep without guilt, as Spotify will stop working at 5, 30, 45 and even 1 hour after playing the content.

So if Netflix applies this same dynamic it will prevent us from missing half the movie or some episodes because we fall asleep. Not to mention if we have a limited data plan. Or it can be an excellent option to control the time the little ones in the house spend watching Netflix. How to set a timer to Netflix

At the moment, it is not known when or how this possible function will be implemented, so we will have to wait until Netflix decides to test it. Or it may simply be one of the many experimental tests that don’t make it to the stable version.

But if you want to try a similar dynamic, while this function arrives to Netflix app, you can try with the Digital Wellness timers. This Google app, which is integrated in almost all mobiles, allows you to apply timers to certain apps.

You only have to indicate how much time you want to spend in a certain app (in this case, Netflix) and program it. And when the deadline is reached, a reminder will appear and Netflix will be paused for the rest of the day.

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