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The Cookie Crumbles, How Google's Phase Out of Third-Party Cookies Will Impact Digital Marketing

Google has taken the next step towards its goal of phasing out third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. On January 4th, 2024, the company enabled a new privacy feature called Trac...

Jan 04, 2024

Intel Bets Big on AI with New GenAI Enterprise Software Spinout

Intel is making waves in the world of artificial intelligence, spinning out a new startup focused entirely on delivering AI solutions tailored for the enterprise. Dubbed Articul8 AI, ...

Jan 04, 2024

New AI Search Startup Perplexity Attracts Bezos Backing to Take on Google

Google has dominated online search for well over a decade, but the rapid recent advances in artificial intelligence may soon pose the first real challenge to its supremacy. AI-powered...

Jan 04, 2024

Brace For Impact As TikTok Shop Raises Seller Fees to 8%

TikTok Shop has experienced rapid early growth by offering sellers enticing incentives like low commission fees and heavy product discounts. However, the company has realized these fr...

Jan 03, 2024

GIN E-Bikes Powers Up With €580k to Electrify Biking

London-based startup GIN E-Bikes just tapped a fresh €580k funding round to shift its innovative hybrid bikes into overdrive. The joint Ukrainian-Indian founded company designs e-bike...

Jan 02, 2024

The Next Generation of Lightning Fast Wi-Fi 7 is Nearly Here

For most of us, Wi-Fi is an essential part of everyday life. We depend on it for work video calls, streaming movies, scrolling social media, and controlling internet-connected devices...

Jan 02, 2024

New Telegram Update, including a Kaleidoscopic Facelift, Pixelized Deletions, and a Colossal Bot Boost

Telegram’s 10th update of 2023 polishes calls until they dazzle, unleashes vanishing messages with a pixelized flourish, and catapults bots into a new stratosphere of capabilities.

Jan 02, 2024

Ex-Pentagon Officials Going Straight Into VC

A new breed of venture capitalists with close ties to the Pentagon are making big money by investing in startups that sell technology to the military.

Jan 02, 2024

Scooter Unicorn Clips its Wings. The Cautionary Tale of Bird’s Bankruptcy

Bird, the electric scooter darling once soaring at a $2.5 billion valuation, has fluttered to the ground. This former startup unicorn now seeks shelter in bankruptcy, serving as a sob...

Jan 02, 2024

Historical MMORPG Games That Are Still Online

Welcome, adventurers, to a nostalgic tour through some of the most influential and groundbreaking MMORPGs over the past 30 years! From text-based multi-user dungeons to immersive 3D w...

Jan 01, 2024