New Telegram Update, including a Kaleidoscopic Facelift, Pixelized Deletions, and a Colossal Bot Boost

Lily Polanco Follow Jan 02, 2024 · 1 min read
New Telegram Update, including a Kaleidoscopic Facelift, Pixelized Deletions, and a Colossal Bot Boost
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Telegram’s 10th update of 2023 polishes calls until they dazzle, unleashes vanishing messages with a pixelized flourish, and catapults bots into a new stratosphere of capabilities.

First up, voice and video calls receive a kaleidoscopic makeover. Beyond the dazzling new backgrounds that shift colors depending on whether you’re ringing, talking, or have just hung up, the revamped interface adds animations while using less juice. The result? Buttery smooth calls that won’t melt your battery. Under the hood improvements to connection stability and audio fidelity take calls to the next level. More enhancements are slated for 2024 as Telegram brings its encrypted communication up to crystal clarity.

Speaking of mesmerizing animations, the vaporize effect introduced last month for auto-deleting messages now triggers when manually erasing any message on iOS or Android. Watch your controversial takes or embarrassing typos fracture into pixels and fade away as if Thanos just snapped his fingers. This impressive dissipation proves far less taxing than traditional message deletion. While transparent and temporary by nature, the animation alone makes wiping the slate clean a little more fun.

Last but not least, Telegram’s free bot platform has received a colossal expansion, its biggest ever. Bots can now react to messages, manage reactions, quotes and links, relay responses into other conversations, and much more. The enhanced toolset lets developers integrate deeper services and build more powerful mini apps nearly rivaling traditional websites. Bot admins additionally gain insight into giveaways, boosts and other events within channels they operate.

With inviting new affordances for visual engagement, developers have an expanded canvas to paint interactive experiences that feel native to Telegram’s ecosystem. Whether deploying a simple auto-responder or full-fledged app reaching vast audiences, the platform empowers almost any bot ambition or niche.

Take the new goodies for a spin by placing crystal clear calls, hypnotically erasing messages with style, or brainstorming the next killer bot. However you ring in 2023, may Telegram keep raising the bar for seamless communication!

Written by Lily Polanco Follow
Junior News Writer @ new.blicio.us.