Old is gold, Text messages still benefit the current marketplace

new.blicio.us Follow Nov 01, 2020 · 5 mins read
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Everything is happening online today! From purchasing your diamond ring to ordering your favorite book, the online world does it all for you. Hence, marketers need to fine-tune online marketing initiatives from time to time.

So, what’s next on the radar for online marketing? It’s a common question that marketers have to face from brands and clients both. The internet is progressing at a constant rate, encouraging the marketers to search for the next best channel that they find productive and add to the marketing mix. The channel needs to yield positive results. It’s been 40 years, and channels like social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, video marketing, and a few others have come up. Some still make valuable additions to the marketing mix, while others eventually fade out.

The relevance of SMS marketing

Marketers today focus on customer communications, retention, and targeting prospective consumers and generating new business opportunities. All these initiatives could make use of SMS marketing. What is so crucial about SMS? The message open rates are 99%. Also, t the market targeted wasn’t saturated, is also another essential aspect. But don’t decide to use SMS marketing in haste. You must understand the advantages that it will bring you. For this, you can count on an expert SMS marketing agency to help you. Today, you can browse for one online and get in touch to ask queries.

SMS marketing has some similarity with direct marketing! Also, it has its distinctive features as well. It is possible to share pictures to the recipients using the text messaging systems. But you need to know that every device doesn’t permit the same. SMS is mostly a text-only medium. If you want the reader or customer to log in to your website or social media profile, you can add the link and add the term, “click here for more information.”

Why are marketers getting back to SMS marketing?

The modern-day world is developing new ways of marketing communications. So even when the marketers are saying yes to their good old friend SMS, they are making use of advanced features and strategies, like “website shorteners” and the like. There are many reasons why markers resort to the SMS marketing channel. The crucial reasons are as follows:

SMS marketing is mobile

Today, mobile content is gaining popularity! The traffic generated from tablet devices, and mobile phones go beyond the traffic generated by desktops. Also, SEO, web design and PPC marketing has to work in a particular way to adjust with the quick changes in the way people source data.

On the other hand, receiving and sending SMS comes naturally to every customer. They don’t require any extra training or demonstration. The audience knows what they want to do with the marketing message.

SMS gets read

Check the status of your email marketing list! Most companies are lucky to have a 30% open rate, despite having engaged readers. However, SMS marketing guarantees a 90% open rate within about 3 minutes of sending the text. The majority of customers carry their Smartphone’s with them always. Hence, notifications and other texts get delivered and read within less time. However, SMS is also a unique promotional process. Thus, the customer’s inbox is not spamming with product and service material. Your customers are not irritated, and that makes SMS a reliable marketing tool.

SMS is consistent and dependable

When it comes to an email marketing campaign, there are spam filters that you need to combat. You might be having a comprehensive list of the double-opt-in leads, and chances are a section of your message will miss out from the inbox. It is challenging to know how useful a marketing campaign will be. And that often confuses the marketers and companies about the investment they should look at.

However, SMS marketing, on the other hand, is very reliable. It allows companies and marketers to opt-in as well as out instantly. It indicates that as you share an SMS campaign, you can have about 100% clarity that almost all the subscriber in the texting list will get your marketing message.

You can track an SMS

Often people wonder whether SMS is an untraceable medium or not! Though marketers and business owners might not have the finer details as is present in Google Analytics, but the vast amount of information will be pointless for the SMS. Today, you can track the insightful metrics of a campaign. Companies and marketers can watch, in real-time the amount of texts that got delivered and read. Additionally, marketers can also keep track of consumer engagement via conversations and responses. Also, you can develop a targeted campaign that will enable you to have a better understanding of the mobile database.

SMS can engage

The customers are interested in getting into communication with the brands they love! It shows that they don’t shy away from engagement. Mobile Marketing Association asserts that the customers are more eager to respond to texts instead of emails. Replying to an SMS is easy, and it happens with a few taps. When you compare with various other marketing tactics, for instance, the pop-up advertising and interstitials, SMS marketing emphasize positive feels rather than frustration.

If you take a close look at the history of SMS marketing, you will find it to be present since the 90s. And it was only recently, that marketers, business owners, and other companies have started to consider it as a specialized tool. Today, most businesses realize the relevance and power of SMS, which explains why SMS marketing has gained a sudden prominence.

It is essential to notice that the new age marketplace is changing! And here text is fast becoming an important and useful way to connect with the existing and potential customers. When you plan and execute it accurately, SMS marketing can provide you better results than other digital outreach processes. Once you get convinced about this, you can make use of their old marketing tool and use it to your advantage. Make sure that you consult an expert and follow only the best practices.

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