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Events, calls, meetings, etc. We are used to doing most of the networking in a face-to-face way. However, with the advent of digitization and new technologies, there are more and more platforms that promote this strategy online, and thus, break the barriers that existed until now, such as lack of time or travel. is a solution to optimize time and generate more business for users. It is the first collaborative platform for freelancers, commercials, and companies that in a very simple way to offer their products or services and get profits from the business they receive and what they generate.

The leitmotif of is “win win”, i.e. a relationship of equals. I place my offer or product and if someone passes me an interesting contact, I win for the business and, the other, for the reward. A self-employed person, entrepreneur, or businessman who likes to take care of his customers, who is passionate about his product and his business, is suitable for this entrepreneur network platform.

The objective is “to belong to a family and not to walk alone in the digitalization of the business and to rejuvenate your brand”, says Villa. If you want to be part of this online networking and that is satisfactory, gives you the opportunity to be invited by a member of the network or if on the contrary, you do not know anyone, apply as a candidate and, after an analysis of the application, you can belong to the platform.

The aim is that “nobody walks alone and fights for what they are really passionate about”, bringing value and guarantees to the company and customers.


I think this is a good time to announce that Feedspot recently listed us within the top startup blogs, ranking us at #77. Be sure to check out the listing here:

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