The 20 Most Valuable Domain Sales of 2023

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The 20 Most Valuable Domain Sales of 2023
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The domain name market saw some of its biggest sales ever in 2023, with multi-million dollar price tags for premium names. Let’s take a look at the year’s 20 priciest reported domain sales and what made them so valuable.

1. Help.com - $3 Million

Kicking off the list as the most expensive domain sale of the year is Help.com, which the buyer Above.com purchased for a massive $3 million in January 2023. This ultra-premium domain has immense brand potential for any type of advisory or assistance business. The high sale price reflects the increasing value of generic domains associated with popular search terms like “help.”

2. Max.com - $1.8 Million

Selling for $1.8 million via NameExperts in November was the highly brandable tech domain Max.com. Three-letter .com sales continue to demand premium prices in the millions due to their scarcity and versatility. Max.com uniquely combines brevity with brandability.

3. Hurt.com - $1.5 Million

A private buyer acquired Hurt.com for $1.5 million in November. While the domain name carries negative connotations, its high impact four-letter structure offers myriad branding possibilities and explains the high sale price.

4. You.ai - $700,000

The domain name You.ai sold for $700,000 in October 2023. The buyer Sedo likely saw immense value in the name thanks to the combination of AI and personalization. You.ai would work perfectly for a company at the intersection of artificial intelligence and customized user experiences.

5. Ecl.com - $600,000

In March, ecl.com fetched a cool $600,000 from buyer K-Ventures. Three-letter dot com domains consistently sell for big money, and ecl.com was no exception. Though the three letters don’t form a logical word, the domain remains highly brandable for a tech, finance, or other business.

6. Socrates.com - $600,000

LegalBrandMarketing snapped up Socrates.com for $600,000 in October. Named after the iconic Greek philosopher, this domain conveys knowledge and wisdom. The buyer likely intends to use it for an educational or consulting-related project.

7. Pfa.com - $450,000

ApexMoon acquired the three-letter acronym domain pfa.com in October 2023 for $450,000. While PFA doesn’t have an obvious meaning as an acronym, the short .com domain commands a high price.

8. Giveaway.com - $400,000

In February, Sedo sold giveaway.com for $400,000. The domain name aligns perfectly with promotions, contests, sweepstakes, and more. Any brand that offers free products or services would find great value in this name.

9. Betting.online - $400,000

Betting.online sold for $400k in October to buyer Radix. This domain directly describes a massive global industry worth over $200 billion. The name offers immediate authority and optimization for the niche.

10. Peace.com - $400,000

In December, Sedo brokered peace.com for $400,000. universality and positivity explain the high price tag. Peace.com allows the buyer to send a message of tranquility, calm, or conflict resolution.

11. Tophotels.com - $380,000

Moving into more industry-specific domains, tophotels.com sold for $380,000 in March 2023. This domain clearly describes hospitality and travel, explains its high value for buyers in that ecosystem.

12. Pfp.com - $353,000

In February, pfp.com traded hands for $353,000. PFP is a widely recognized acronym for “profile picture”, explaining this domain’s value in social media and networking.

13. aiq.com - $325,000

The tech domain aiq.com sold in October 2023 for $325,000. The three-letter domain contains “ai” hinting at artificial intelligence, while the “q” adds a layer of mystery and brandability.

14. Tactic.com - $303,295

Tactic.com fetched over $300k in February, thanks to the name’s versatility for strategic planning, decision-making, and problem-solving businesses. The buyer Buckley Media can flexibly position the domain in many sectors.

15. txt.com - $300,000

Bassir.io purchased txt.com for an even $300,000 in January 2023…

16. Yourride.com - $300,000

In May, Evergreen.com purchased yourride.com for $300,000. This domain works well for any transportation, ride sharing, or automotive brand that wants to create a personalized customer experience. The domain conveys a feeling of ownership and priority.

17. Vegetarian.com - $300,000

Vegetarian.com sold for a meaty $300,000 in September 2023 to buyer HQBrokerage. This domain clearly describes a massive global audience and lifestyle category around meatless diets. It offers immediate authority and optimization potential.

18. Skywin.com - $275,000

Also selling for $275,000 was the brandable domain skywin.com, purchased by Sedo in January 2023. Though the word “skywin” has no definition, it sounds positive and conveys aspirations of success. This makes it work for a motivational brand, self-help program, or personal growth platform.

19. Plans.com - $275,000

In August, Squadhelp bought plans.com for $275,000. The word “plans” relates to prep, strategy, architectural designs, phone service, and beyond, giving this domain name flexibility across sectors. The buyer can easily build an authoritative brand in planning, advising, strategizing, and more.

20. Hdl.com - $260,000

Rounding out the list at #20 is hdl.com, which Buckley Media purchased for $260,000 in June. As an acronym for “high-density lipoprotein”, this health and science related domain offers great branding potential in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, or medical testing industries.

In conclusion, short, brandable, high-impact domains continue to command incredibly high sale prices every year. Both generic and industry-specific premium names crossed into six and seven-figure territory in 2023, raising the bar for minimum value. We expect the demand and sale prices for top-tier digital real estate to continue rising over the coming years.

If these premium domains are any indicator, we can expect more 8-figure sales and continued investor interest in top-tier digital assets in 2024 and beyond.

Some clear trends we saw across the year’s costliest domain deals included extreme shortness/brandabilty, association with popular search terms like “help,” or relationship to high-value sectors like technology. With domains crossing into eight-figure territory, next year may see even higher record sales in this space.

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