Microsoft's Next-Gen Surface Lineup Incorporates AI | Surface Pro 10 & Surface Laptop 6 Follow Dec 28, 2023 · 2 mins read
Microsoft's Next-Gen Surface Lineup Incorporates AI | Surface Pro 10 & Surface Laptop 6
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Microsoft has big plans in store for its popular Surface line of PCs in 2024 and beyond. According to exclusive reports, the tech giant is prepping significant upgrades to both the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop that promise to bring more power, better designs, and cutting-edge AI capabilities. For fans of these do-it-all devices, an enticing new generation is on the horizon.

The most anticipated update is the move to next-generation Arm-based processors code-named “Snapdragon X Series.” Insider sources cite these new chips as bringing MacBook-rivaling performance and battery life to Microsoft’s lineup. The chips will power the first wave of Microsoft’s “CADMUS PCs,” purpose-built devices optimized for AI tasks in the 2024 Windows release. Both the Pro and Laptop models are slated to have Arm variants boasting serious speed and efficiency gains.

Besides new silicon, the Surface Laptop 6 finally brings a long-overdue redesign. Details point to thinner bezels, rounded corners, expanded ports including USB-C and USB-A, haptics, and a physical Copilot button to access the AI co-pilot feature. The smaller model also gets a slightly larger 13.8-inch screen. These changes modernize Microsoft’s notebook to better compete with Apple’s offerings.

The Surface Pro 10 sees more modest but still meaningful upgrades like reduced screen glare, HDR support, rounded corners, and faster performance that should match leading tablets. An NFC reader for commercial use and a wider front camera with enhanced effects are also in the cards.

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Beyond the 2024 models, murmurs point to even more radical changes down the road. An 11-inch Surface Pro sits on Microsoft’s product map alongside refreshed Laptop Studio and Laptop Go models. The company remains fully committed to innovating Surface long-term.


  • Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 coming in 2024 with major upgrades
  • Next-gen Arm chips bring MacBook-like speed, efficiency and AI power
  • Laptop 6 gets first redesign with thinner bezels, new ports and Copilot button
  • Pro 10 gets screen and camera boosts for a more refined experience
  • Early product roadmap suggests 11-inch Pro, Laptop Studio 3 and more by 2025
  • Microsoft planning exciting Surface advancements for years ahead

The future shines brightly for Microsoft’s line of capable and versatile computers. If whispers of what’s to come prove true, an enticing wave of next-generation Surfaces awaits on the horizon, ready to empower people in innovative new ways. For creatives, professionals, and anyone needing a machine as adaptable as their demands, Microsoft has big ideas —and AI power— in store

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