Mesh, a crypto asset manager, raises $22 million Series A Follow Sep 21, 2023 · 1 min read
Mesh, a crypto asset manager, raises $22 million Series A
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Money Forward hosted a Series A round of funding for Mesh, which resulted in $22 million from multiple VC firms. This included familiar faces such as: Samsung Next, the Heitner Group, Altair Capital, and Galaxy.

Having started out as Front Finance, Mesh has grown into a successful financial platform for businesses that connects cryto with traditional financial assets.

The CEO Bam Azizi had this to say:

“We are witnessing a massive shift in which consumers are demanding complete and transparent control over their assets, and expecting the financial services that they use to give them that control.”

“Mesh’s product-market fit – combined with the deep experience of their founding team and their vision for a better financial future – was clear from the moment we started exploring a deeper partnership, and we are thrilled to be a part of the company’s journey to mass adoption.”

Within a year of becoming a business-focused platform, Mesh has quickly achieved market traction, signing collaborations with more than 70 organizations in the financial and digital assets sectors. Mesh is on its way to becoming the top solution for digital assets and open finance because to its extensive library of connectors, which spans more than 300 platforms.

Mesh’s near-term goal is improving the transactional parts of its connection layer in order to further build use cases including deposits, payments, and payouts as it continues to gain momentum.

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