ParkOffice, a Featured Parking Software Startup From Ireland Follow Sep 10, 2023 · 1 min read
ParkOffice, a Featured Parking Software Startup From Ireland
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Grouping together with IT, Real Estate, and IoT software, ParkOffice is a renowned software product that enhances office parking efficiency, reducing costs, generating revenue, improving sustainability, and boosting employee morale, trusted by major real estate firms like Colliers, CBRE, and Befimmo. All of that having being achieved without any known external funding.

ParkOffice claims to reduce the carbon footprint, to forecast and manage car park occupancy, to increase or decrease the availability of parking spaces, to eliminate inefficient real estate expenditure and to generate revenue from employee parking.

In a company blog post made during the peak of the pandemic, named the COVID Employee Transportation Playbook, It showed how employers can make it easier and safer for their staff to get back to the office with a wide range of mobility options, including e-scooters, car sharing, bike sharing and parking software.

As very few office workers would feel safe using public transport in 2020, it was reduced to the following points that are still valid today:

  • The increasing demand for parking and e-bikes as workers avoid public transport in the short term.
  • The challenges faced by operators of micro-mobility services, which are often used by public transport users to complete their journeys.
  • The steps public transport operators are taking to rebuild trust in their services as a means of transport for employees.

To see if ParkOffice has a place in your business, be sure to check them out at:

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