Kickstarter has finished collecting applications for Flipper Zero

Aug 30, 2020 ยท 1 min read
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On August 29, Kickstarter has finished collecting applications for Flipper Zero electronic multitool.

Tamagotchi for hackers collected $4 882 784. The project had 37 987 backers on crowdfunding platform.

Originally, the authors of this project (zhovner) had a task to collect $60 thousand, which was collected in 8 minutes when entering Kickstarter. A day after the placement the project had more than $500 thousand of fees, and in a day and a half $1 million was collected.

The developers unlocked all the additional features for this version of the electronic multitool, including different colors of the case, built-in Bluetooth module (BLE + regular Bluetooth) and NFC module (13.56 MHz).

In addition, on August 26, the authors pleased users that Flipper Zero will get a MicroSD slot for memory cards. And this option will be available to everyone who ordered the device.

The developers said that Flipper Zero does not fall under the description of a special tool or device for tacit information gathering. The device also does not have the ability to capture audio-visual information and is not disguised as household items. The factory firmware will not have any jamming, brute force or other potentially malicious features.

Estimated delivery date of Flipper Zero to users around the world is February 2021. The cost of one device when ordering on Kickstarter was $119 (available 600 lots for $99 disassembled very quickly). The expected price of the device in retail sale was $169.

The number of project backers from different cities and countries.