I have just launched my product and i have lots of things in the plate right now, also i have few ideas which i want to work on, but with time restrictions.
Also, a company with the co-founder rocks in compare of single founder.
So, i am looking for Co-Founder but i don't know how to get it and most important, what should i gave him/her?

  • Ask yourself some questions. "What kind of organization do you want, vertical or horizontal? How open are you? How willing are you to come out? Do have compatible skills?
  • Distribution. "Evaluate the issue of trust, capital and amount of work.
  • The details. If your partner puts in $10,000 but is not going to be there, find someone else.
  • If it doesn't work, let it go.

Not everything is honey on a stick

Regardless of all the problems - because with a partner you fight - what made me separate from (my co-founder) was the difference in values... We also had many differences in terms of what company we wanted.


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