I have just launched my product and i have lots of things in the plate right now, also i have few ideas which i want to work on, but with time restrictions.
Also, a company with the co-founder rocks in compare of single founder.
So, i am looking for Co-Founder but i don't know how to get it and most important, what should i gave him/her?

  • Ask yourself some questions. "What kind of organization do you want, vertical or horizontal? How open are you? How willing are you to come out? Do have compatible skills?
  • Distribution. "Evaluate the issue of trust, capital and amount of work.
  • The details. If your partner puts in $10,000 but is not going to be there, find someone else.
  • If it doesn't work, let it go.

Not everything is honey on a stick

Regardless of all the problems - because with a partner you fight - what made me separate from (my co-founder) was the difference in values... We also had many differences in terms of what company we wanted.


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  1. When Zuckerberg teamed up with Eduardo Saverin to create Facebook, the website exploded and was gaining more and more users every day. But then, the 2 founders started to disagree on some stuff, like how they should move forward with the company, and Sean Parker’s role in it.

    Eventually, Mark ended up secretly decreasing Eduardo’s share. When Eduardo found out, he sued Mark, his best friend for $600 million.

    If you’re going to do business with someone, make sure it’s someone whom you absolutely trust.

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