Google starts testing a new type of virtual business card for search

Aug 11, 2020 · 1 min read
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Google has started testing a new type of card called “people cards”. The idea is for each user to create their own virtual business card to appear in Google searches in a similar way to business and celebrity cards.

For now, these cards are being tested in India in English. For those who want to have their own cards, and considering that Google will allow a maximum of one card per user account, they will only have to sign in to their Google accounts and look for the option “add me to search”.

Next, Google will take you to a page where you will have to fill in a series of fields, with some mandatory and some optional fields. Among the required changes are name, job title and a brief biography. The option fields include hometown, official studies, profiles to websites and social networks, as well as email and phone number.
To reach more people with the searches

Google points out that it has mechanisms in place to prevent the creation of fake business cards, and will even allow users themselves to report all those “people cards” that they consider to be fraudulent.

Even so, it must be taken into account that users must verify their accounts through a telephone number before creating their own cards. And if at any time, a user changes their phone number, email, or has an account in new social networks, they also have the option to edit their card information. And finally, if you no longer wish to appear in searches, you can delete your card.

People cards” make a lot of sense for people who want to show off their professional skills to more people, taking advantage of the large number of people searching on Google around the world.

All that remains is for “people cards” to evolve, and ultimately to reach all users if the results are satisfactory.