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Findyt is a new mobile application that allows users to know in real time the availability of tables in a restaurant. With this new tool, it is intended to reduce queues at the door and around the businesses to avoid crowding and ensure the safety of establishments and people, as indicated by its promoters in a statement.

Findyt arrives in select areas in Spain as an easy and safe solution to plan the outings from now on. Currently there are about 6,000 establishments between restaurants, bars, chiringuitos, cafes. A figure, they say, that will grow as will the functionality of the app and its scope.

“This app has a lot of potential. We are ambitious and do not want to stay only in Valencia; we want to settle here, see if it works well, the acceptance it has among people and expand nationally and even internationally. We want to make this a fundamental tool for the hotel and catering industry and customers. We want everyone to have the app downloaded to their mobile,” explains Alberto García, one of Findyt’s founders.

With this app customers will be able to receive a notification of their favorite restaurant or bar as soon as a table is free for them or when there is a new location in their area. They will also be able to access the menu and search for establishments by filtering whether they have a daily menu or not, whether they are open, whether there are free tables or whether they have a terrace.

“There is no application like this. Others can tell you how many bars there are or you can see the menu; but none shows in real time the availability of tables. Today there is a need for people not to waste time. And that’s why we’ve gone in this direction,” says Francisco Pérez, another of the app’s creators.

In addition to promoting themselves and getting more customers, establishments can use the application as an internal management tool with which they can control their staff, see the status of the tables or add the daily menu. New functions will be added to all this, such as reservation management or the inclusion of new technologies. “This is just the beginning, the app is going to keep growing and we will keep adding features,” says Victor Garrido, founder of Findyt.

The premises will also be able to adapt to the new requirements, as if there is a resurgence or the capacity continues to be limited, they will be able to modify the number of available tables they have and, therefore, simplify transit and reservations. Although Findyt has been created in the midst of the pandemic, Alberto García points out that “it is not an application for passing through or for COVID-19, but rather it comes to stay to make our lives easier”.

On the occasion of the application’s launch, Findyt’s creators are offering stores a free subscription until October 1, 2020, so that they can easily test and see what the app looks like from the inside. After this time, there are several packages according to the needs of each store. For users, however, this is a completely free tool that is available for both Android and iPhone.

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