Google Me: Google Profiles Now in Search Results

Nov 09, 2020 · 1 min read
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by Michelle Lentz

Although they’ve apparently been quietly around for a year or so, I only found out about Google profiles last week. Now Google has launched a “Google Me” campaign to get people to fill out their profiles. Profiles will now show up in search results, although I haven’t gotten that to work yet.

To create your Google profile, just search on “Me”. The Create Your Own Profile link will display at the top of the search results.

That takes you to your profile page. You can log in with your Gmail account or your can create a new profile with any email address. From there, you can enter contact info (which you can set to display to your contact list only), photo, bio, web sites, and you can pick a vanity URL. If you are using your Gmail account profile, you cannot change this URL, but if you logged in with a different email address, you can change it to anything you want. Of course, Gmail users have grabbed some of the best ones. I was able to grab my company name “writetechnology” but I had to settle for MichelleLentz01 or some such thing if I wanted my actual name.

I mentioned that I didn’t have much luck finding my Google Profile in search results. Well, according to VentureBeat:

Google’s Joe Kraus explained to us that up to four Google Profiles will appear at the bottom of a results page. For people with common names, the more information you’ve filled out in your Google Profile - the more likely your profile will be selected for display.

So you need to fill out a lot of information. I did not. I figured with my web links, those who want to find me can figure out a way. Perhaps that’s why the Google Profile search results aren’t working for me.


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