Facebook rebuts The Social Dilemma, saying the popular Netflix documentary “buries the substance in sensationalism”

new.blicio.us Follow Oct 03, 2020 · 1 min read
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There are never enough documentaries that warn about the dangers of the Internet: practically every season there is a new event of tragic dyes that the misuse of social networks worsens or directly triggers. 2020 is being especially tumultuous in that sense: fires like the global pandemic or countries with particularly tense social and political situations are watered with the gasoline of fake news, the polarization of opinion and the suspicion that we are guinea pigs of technological corporations whose real intentions we are unable to understand.

This new documentary by Netflix talks a little bit about all this, pecking lightly. Absolutely all the voices that speak in it do so from a deep knowledge of the subject: psychologists who are experts in addiction, essayists who are experts in digital disconnection and, above all, ex-employees of Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram who know first-hand how the mechanics of these networks work. After all, they created them.

But, according to Facebook, the movie is nothing but pure sensationalism.

You don’t have to choose between Facebook propaganda and @SocialDilemma_ propaganda.

There are actual books you can read to understand these companies and their technologies.

Please read books, folks. They are good for you. https://t.co/SXknlhtnqv

— SIVA VAIDHYANATHAN🗽🤘🏽 (@sivavaid) October 2, 2020

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