Cisco acquires PortShift, an Israeli startup developing a Kubernetes-native security platform Follow Oct 03, 2020 · 1 min read
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Via Cisco’s own blog:

As the proliferation of cloud-native apps continues to accelerate with the aim to transact business efficiently and securely from anywhere, the security landscape is converging toward protecting both people and applications. Business agility requirements are pushing security up the stack and earlier in the application development lifecycle​, accelerating time to results. As these cloud-native apps become more pervasive, application and workload security take on a higher priority.

Given these motions, Platform Engineers and Cloud Architects have been focused on value-added services that provide:

Velocity, with visibility and control Simplicity, along with security Flexibility and portability, without any lock-in Minimal-toil operating model, with ‘as-a-Service’ consumption In order to help and empower our customers and partners, Cisco aims to deliver security solutions for these cloud-native development environments and to add application security constructs much earlier in the development lifecycle – a paradigm being referred to as Shift Left.

Cisco is excited to announce our intent to acquire @portshift. The team’s expertise in #containers and service meshes for #Kubernetes will help us provide #security for all phases of the #application development lifecycle. Read more from SVP Liz Centoni:

— Cisco (@Cisco) October 1, 2020

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