Cuba Now Has Co-Working Spaces? Follow Sep 27, 2020 · 1 min read
Cuba Now Has Co-Working Spaces?
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Saily González Velázquez declares herself a lifelong entrepreneur. She is the owner of Amarillo B&B, creator of Full Gao and founder of Amarillo Co-working. About the latter, Todostartups talked with her and the challenges of her other two projects, a product of the covid19 crisis.

What does Amarillo Co-working consist of? What solutions does it present for the community?

Amarillo Co-Working was born because I realized that entrepreneurs in Cuba do networking, but it is necessary to create spaces where they can have more interactions because I believe that networking makes us all develop together and that is why this proposal was born.

They offer free WiFi, a rarity in the country. I think it’s fundamental because the issue of connection is indispensable and everyone spends a lot. I did a survey and the results it produced-which were only filled out by 40 people-which is a pretty low figure for a survey, but with interesting results.

We are talking about an average mobile data expenditure of more than 40 CUC per month on the internet just for work, although there was an average of between 40 and 70 CUC that varied. There were always people who spent more.

They will have recording studios for podcasts and videos because in Cuba this Content Marketing is not being fully developed and there are many people who could use their podcasts and videos if they had the conditions.

Some of the services are our own full-time, part-time or evening table; private office for groups and English or yoga classes.

To learn more, check out their Instagram page:

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