Create Your Own Microblogging Community With Twingr

Jul 05, 2008 · 1 min read
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by Jacob Morgan

Twingr is a new platform that allows you to create your own microblogging communities. It’s pretty much a scaled down version of twitter that allows you to create your own groups for specific tweets. Anyone hear of tweetdeck?

I’m not too crazy about the idea just yet because to be honest I don’t see the real value in it. I don’t even know if twingr syncs up with twitter. I’m not to worried about groups or organization either, but hey that’s just me. I also don’t think that twingr allows for discovery of any kind. It appears that the only way people can join your groups is if you invite them. I joined and now I am one single user in my group, I can’t find anybody else and nobody can find me, I’m on my own little island.

I can send messages to my gmail contacts inviting them to my group but I don’t think that really matters. Most of my connections don’t exist in gmail. I’m not sure what the business model is and what happens when twitter creates a “groups” feature?

Check out the demo video and tell me what you think, would you use twingr?