The Digital Dream Team: Edelman Digital Hires Former Mashable COO To Help Advise On Emerging Tech

May 04, 2010 · 4 mins read
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One of the best convergences of marketing and technology just happened on Thursday. In a rather interesting move, it was announced that former Mashable COO and DoSomething’s Chief Digital Officer, Adam Hirsch, had been appointed the new Senior Vice President of Emerging Media & Technology, by leading global social agency, Edelman Digital. In this role, Mr. Hirsch will be responsible for helping to “operationalize new partnership, opportunities, platforms, and technologies” on behalf of the agency’s clients–meaning that he’s going to be on the forefront of tech innovation, which hopefully involves him being on the early influencers to help guide new digital programs and help move people past just being on Twitter and Facebook.

The announcement of Mr. Hirsch to the Edelman Digital team is the latest step by the firm to further develop what I like to consider to be the digital marketing Dream Team. This addition will be joining up with the likes of Steve Rubel, Executive Vice-President of Global Strategy & Insights, David Armano, Executive Vice-President of Global Innovation & Integration, Michael Brito, Senior Vice-President of Social Business, and Kevin King, Mr. Hirsch’s boss & Edelman Digital’s Global Practice Chair. With this extremely knowledgeable and prominent group of specialists and thought leaders, there’s certainly no doubt that Edelman knows what it’s talking about when it’s coming to how to build a sound digital practice and strategy.

In case you don’t know about Edelman, it’s the world’s largest public relations firm with over 4,400 employees around the world. Their digital arm is called Edelman Digital as is often billed as being the “world’s first and largest global social agency” geared towards helping to drive insight-driven business strategy, and flawless program execution. Their client list is pretty extensive and they’ve been helping to produce some very interesting campaigns for some of the largest organizations in the world, specifically Starbucks, eBay, Volkswagon, Pepsico, Microsoft, Blackberry, Unilever, Hewlett-Packard, Kraft, Symantec, and many others. Some of their most noted and probably popular campaigns that they’ve done include the “Year in the Like” campaign for Microsoft, the Slim Jim on Facebook program, and Edge Shave Gel’s “Anti-Irritation” campaign.

Mr. Hirsch brings a lot of experience on his resume to Edelman Digital. Prior to being acquired, he was the Chief Digital Officer of a non-profit called which he joined earlier this year helping to guide their programs to help reach teenagers around social issues. Interestingly enough, that role is pretty much what he will be doing at Edelman Digital, except it’s with organizations instead of teens–helping to expand content, partnerships, and digital impact.

Fourth Annual Mashable Awards - New York, New York Hotel & Casino - Adam HirschBut it will most likely be his lengthy experience at tech publication juggernaut, Mashable. Formerly the Chief Operations Officer for the site, this business-savvy individual helped guide some of the most impressive partnerships that the site has seen since it’s creation years ago. For four years, he’s secured partnerships and syndication initiatives with other sites like USA Today, CNN, and many others. Innovation under his watch has also increased as he oversaw the development and evolution of the product and revenue generation programs–leading up to the creation of Mashable Follow in 2011 that has over 700,000 users. For someone who has had his finger on the pulse of emerging technology and being so high up in the Mashable hierarchy, it’s not surprising that Mr. Hirsch is so knowledgable about the industry and community–something that makes me believe that he’s going to be an incredible asset to the Edelman Digital team.

While not necessarily a PR guy, Mr. Hirsch does know people and he definitely knows technology. According to the press release issued about the announcement, in this capacity, he’ll be tasked with exploring and testing up-and-coming digital technologies and innovations for Edelman to use both internally and externally. Doesn’t that sound like it’s naturally what the COO of a digital media publication would do? And one of Mr. Hirsch’s strengths is to help guide and educate internal teams so that they can fully understand the latest buzz and put it into action and grow more business.

Says Edelman’s Kevin King:

We’re always talking about new trends, new platforms, new technologies, and having someone with an operations background is really exciting in that he can help us figure out ways to frame those up and execute on behalf of clients.

Edelman Digital Dream Team

This new evolution of the digital Dream Team has become mighty impressive. With this fellowship of subject-matter experts, companies that are represented by Edelman should feel more comfortable that their digital needs are not only being met, but are fully being anticipated. No matter whether it’s involving creating a sound & creative social campaign or helping companies figure out how to get their entire team involved with the community and social media (aka social business) or even just making sure that you’re up-to-date on the latest craze and important tech/digital news, you’re going to get it right from the agency that’s going to be at the forefront of that exploration and frontier.

Congratulations Adam on joining Edelman Digital!