Berba, a portal where you can translate into more than 2,600 language combinations Follow Dec 21, 2021 · 1 min read
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The startup Berba, which uses Artificial Intelligence to speed up the translations of 5,000 native translators around the world, has just closed a round of 250,000 euros.

The platform allows users to access more than 2,600 language combinations from a single location, and to see the current status of the translation they have ordered. In this way, bureaucratic processes are reduced to a minimum for customers, who will no longer have to manage anything with the translators, explains a statement.

In spite of working with more than 5,000 native translators, Berba uses Artificial Intelligence to reduce the cost of translations, since this technology allows the discounting of repeated words and paragraphs.

In addition, the same AI allows for “really fast” turnaround times as it saves the professional a lot of translation work. A technology that even allows to divide the same document among several translators so that it can be translated at the same time without losing grammatical coherence.

After the closing of this funding round, the company is planning a “very ambitious” growth plan, where they will start to open up to the European market and, in a second phase, plan to break into the Asian market, where they have the option of becoming real disruptors.

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