Launching Your Big Idea in Just 7 Days Follow Apr 02, 2021 · 2 mins read
Launching Your Big Idea in Just 7 Days
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From a revolutionary app concept to a novel ecommerce offering, you likely have a startup or product vision brewing you’re excited to unveil. Rather than letting a grand launch remain months away, pull off a rapid prototype debut in just one week using today’s no-code tools, streamlined supplies sourcing, and digital marketing shortcuts. These seven launch steps executed in furious succession can generate real user traction fast while you finalize fuller capabilities.

Day 1: Name & Brand It

Start solidifying your startup’s identity fast by doctoring up the perfect name using Catchy, Squadhelp and other AI-powered naming tools providing expert feedback. Mockup logos with Canva’s thousands of fonts and icon options. Establish web domains, social handles, and email addresses where fans can find you as branding coalesces.

Day 2: Build MVP Site

Rather than waiting on a full-featured website build, launch a basic one-page site on Day 2 announcing your impending arrival using Bubble, Webflow or Strikingly’s easy drag and drop editors needing no coding. Include an email signup form to capture early adopter contacts plus overview of the problem you’ll solve.

Day 3: Develop Prototype

Using AppMaster, Thunkable, or Blastoff’s no-code platforms, quickly craft a basic live prototype for your web or mobile app idea on Day 3. This MVP version only showcases core features but lets users interact with the real concept fast without intensive back-end builds. Link prototype access from your onboarding site.

Day 4: Source Materials

If launching a physical product, rapidly source small quantities of essential materials from Alibaba, Made-in-China or Thomasnet suppliers to assemble enough inventory for limited sampling. Simple packaging mocked up in Canva completes the test product. Capture images for your store and marketing materials.

Day 5: Setup Ecommerce

If direct selling through an online store, build out ecommerce functionality fast using the Shopify, Wix or Square online platforms needing no coding. Customize visually while activating key functions from inventory management integrations to secure payment processing. Sync your domain and launch enough product sampling to kickstart revenue and user experiences.

Day 6: Marketing Launch Plan

Chart your launch week marketing strategy leveraging social media, influencers, paid ads, contests, referral programs and other customer acquisition shortcuts. Use FollowerWonk, Buzzstream, Linktree and Canva to fast track tactics. Ready engaging posts, optimized hashtags, targeted advertisements and referral perks.

Day 7: Go Live!

One week since conceptualizing your idea, it’s launch day! Flip switch on your signup page, prototype app, ecommerce site, MVP offering and kickoff marketing campaigns. Welcome users through email and social messaging. Deliver any initial product samples and onboard testers. Capture user feedback, monitor performance metrics, join conversations and keep rapidly iterating based on response!

While expanded capabilities come later, unveiling a basic version fast lets you start generating awareness, revenue, user feedback or funding while fuller functionality develops behind the scenes. You build confidence launching quickly plus capture early user insights that influence better end products down the road. Adopt these seven launch steps in furious succession to start strong!

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