YouTube testing self-serve video rental

Nov 09, 2010 · 1 min read
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YouTube is testing the waters for a self-service rental model that allows moviemakers to upload content and get it in front of paying viewers. With online video consumption on the continual rise, this can be quite an opportunity for independent studios and cash-strapped directors to get their content in front of a paying audience. YouTube’s Hunter Walk shared the news with MediaPost but did not provide too many details on who will be eligible and when we can expect to see this in action.

YouTube is continuing to add ways to monetize content, recently announcing expanding movie and TV rentals on the site and the selective YouTube Partnership Program launched last year. It will be interesting to follow along to see how the market dictates an acceptable pricing model for content as well as any revenue sharing with the site. According to recent comScore data quoted on MediaPost, YouTube delivered video to more than 135 million viewers in March, reaching three of every four online video viewers at an average of 96 videos per person.