Yammer Takes TechCrunch50 Top Spot

Mar 05, 2010 · 1 min read
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by Michelle Lentz

The top prize at TechCrunch 50 went to Yammer. Yammer is a rather ingenious, and inevitable, application. At its simplest, it’s Twitter for the workplace. Instead of asking What are you doing?, Yammer asks What are you working on? I’ve always said that Twitter flattens the org chart. This takes that concept to a whole new level.

Yammer was developed by Geni for internal communications. It was such an internal hit that they decided to release it as a product. Here’s the kicker: Yammer has a business plan.

Right now, you must have a corporate email address to join Yammer. Employees can then follow each other, based on email address. You can also follow specific topics and people by using tags. Yammer is free for employees, but if a company wants to take control of thier network, that’s where the cost is incurred (and the profit for the Yammer folks).

Yammer has been live since Monday. According to the company, they had 2,000 organizations and 10,000 people sign up since launching. You can view the video from their TechCrunch presentation.

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