Yahoo Is Now Charging for Automatic Email Forwarding Follow Oct 10, 2020 · 1 min read
Yahoo Is Now Charging for Automatic Email Forwarding
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Yahoo’s email service is changing as the company has made some changes to its policy, making some of its most popular features, such as automatic email forwarding, available for payment.

According to the company’s support page, this automatic email forwarding feature in Yahoo will no longer be available to users who use this service for free, but it will be available to those who pay for the service.

The date to end this functionality, which is used by many users, is January 1, 2021 so users have several possibilities, stop using it, pay for the service that includes this functionality or stop using it completely.

Many users have Yahoo mail, but prefer to forward the messages they receive to another account so they can have everything in one and manage it better, while still using the Yahoo address.

The reasons for this decision by Yahoo are for security reasons, as they want to ensure that the free Yahoo accounts remain secure and that forwarding is not used by hackers violating the email accounts and receiving a copy of every message sent through Yahoo Mail.

The paid service, called Yahoo Mail Pro is not cheap, as it costs about $34.99 per year.

Yahoo Mail currently has 3 billion users, although the service suffered a considerable drop in users when it detected massive hacking in 2016.

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