Microsoft dropped the first bomb. It finally revealed the release date and price of the Xbox Series S, and the price of the Xbox Series X was also leaked. Now it's just a matter of counting the days and finding out when Sony will reveal the mystery that still surrounds the PlayStation 5.

In an official announcement, Microsoft released its rumored second next-generation console, the Xbox Series S, which will be vastly cheaper than expected and will go on sale much sooner than we imagined. On Twitter, Xbox revealed the date and price of the launch of the Xbox Series S, which will arrive on November 10th with a price of $299.

The console will not only be much cheaper and more accessible, but will also be 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X, and will be oriented towards the Xbox Game Pass with a 512 GB NMV Express SSD memory with ultra low latency.

As for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has not revealed the final price of the console but according to the latest rumors, it is expected to have a price of $ 499, as released by Windows Central through the program Xbox All Access. The worldwide launch of the Xbox Series X is also expected to take place on November 10th.

The Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox console yet. Physically it is very similar to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, but will include a 3.8 GHz eight-core AMD Zen 2 processor, 10 GB of GDDR6 RAM, 512 GB of NVME SSD on the S and will support the Seagate 1 TB storage expansion card.


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