When You Are Able To Sue For A Wild Animal Attack

Feb 28, 2021 ยท 2 mins read
When You Are Able To Sue For A Wild Animal Attack
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A wild animal attack can leave the victim with devastating injuries and a mountain of hospital bills. The worst part is that you often have to deal with these bills yourself because you can’t really sue the animal. But, there are times when someone else is responsible for a wild animal attack.

Contact a Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer to help you decide if you have a case in any of these situations.

Exotic Pets

The owning of exotic animals as pets has become a growing fad in the US. There are actually more tigers held in captivity here than anywhere else in the world. This is due to the ease in which people can get exotic animals in the US. Even in cases where the animal is owned legally, they are responsible for any injury caused by their pet. Whether you are bit by someone’s pet dog or pet lion, the owner is responsible, and you are entitled to seek compensation. Owning exotic animals such as large cats or primates is illegal in California.

Zoos and Shelters

Owning a property that you open to the public requires you to provide a certain level of safety. You are responsible for any injuries that happen on your property. Zoos and animal shelters aren’t excluded in this. Animals should all be enclosed to keep them and the visitors safe. It can sometimes be more difficult to prove negligence in an accident at a zoo. They will often try to claim contributory negligence and prove that you didn’t follow guidelines. This is where a personal injury lawyer in Roseville, CA can help. They can prove that the zoo’s negligence outweighs any actions done by the visitor.


Animals that are found in nature are often not responsible for their actions. Encountering a bear in your backyard is a normal expectation and it’s usually no one’s fault if you get hurt. However, if you can prove that a neighbor is feeding the bear which lured it into your space, you can file a personal injury claim. Animals themselves aren’t liable, but someone who is creating the dangerous environment for you—they are. Most people know not to feed wild animals. Not only because it’s dangerous, but because that animal will return for more food. This puts others in danger especially if you stop feeding them.


If you are injured by a wild animal in any of these situations, contact an attorney in Roseville, CA to talk about your claim.

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