Wikispecies, the Wiki for the planet Earth Follow Jun 15, 2020 · 1 min read
Wikispecies, the Wiki for the planet Earth
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Virtually everyone knows about Wikipedia, but few know of a project related to it, “hidden” in a subdirectory under

This is a free species directory closely related to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is being written collaboratively by readers, following the philosophy of the whole Wiki, and there we can find information on more than 700,000 species of our planet.

In reality it is only a subset of all the species on our planet. According to the last census there are almost 9 million species sharing a planet with us, where the human being is only one of them. The problem is that most of this natural wealth is not yet known, in fact new species are discovered every day, and there are many of them that we will never know.

These are not extensive articles, as the number of editors who can contribute to give more details about a newly discovered blue frog in Australia is really limited, but we can still browse through families, subfamilies and genera, with links, sometimes to get more information about the one we are interested in.

It is actually less complete than the famous EOL (Encyclopedia of Life) that we have already talked about several times, but it is still an important reference that should be known and recommended to see if we can get professionals around the world to collaborate with the knowledge acquired about all possible species.

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