WhatsApp changes its policies and forces its users to share data with Facebook

Jan 11, 2021 · 1 min read
WhatsApp changes its policies and forces its users to share data with Facebook
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WhatsApp users who want to continue using the app will have to accept a new set of requirements included in its terms and privacy policy that includes sharing data with Facebook.

WhatsApp is already alerting all users through a message that appears when they connect to their instant messaging application informing them of these changes to their terms and privacy policy. However, these changes will not be implemented until February 8.

Among the changes included in this policy are those related to the collection of data from WhatsApp users and their treatment. Also, we have added the way businesses can use Facebook for their services and the management of their conversations in the app.

WhatsApp’s intention is, according to this message, to collect information to “operate, provide, enhance, understand, customize, support, and promote” its services.

Specifically, the new terms will allow WhatsApp to share additional information between WhatsApp and Facebook and other apps such as Instagram or Facebook Messenger, such as profile data or contacts, although the content of the messages will not be included, as they will remain encrypted.

Data related to the phone number created to open the WhatsApp account, user activity in the app and the connection they have, including the operating system, time zone, etc. will also be shared.

According to Facebook, this update to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions will not affect users in the European Union, but the new version of the privacy policy says that data can be shared with other Facebook companies to display advertising and personalized offers, make content suggestions and help complete purchases, among other things.

There is no other option but to accept WhatsApp’s conditions if you want to use the messaging app, since the only possibility the company offers is to access its help center to unsubscribe your account.