Uber SF Asks If Today You’ll Be Their Valentine’s (With Free Rose!)

new.blicio.us Follow Oct 20, 2013 · 2 mins read
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by Ken Yeung of thelettertwo.com

Update 4:30 PM PST: Got confirmation from Uber SF–they’re stocking up the cars with all the roses that they have now, but it is indeed a “while supplies last” kind of deal. Get your Uber fast!

Update 4:26 PM PST: Looks like Uber is already giving out the roses to their passengers, but according to CrunchFund’s MG Seigler, they’ve already given their roses out. No word yet on whether the drivers will refill their rose supply throughout the night. Either way, beware that quantities are (unfortunately) limited.

Original article:

If you happen to catch a ride with Uber tonight, you’ll be receiving a pretty special surprise, at least for your significant other. For one night only (this year), all San Francisco Uber riders will receive a red rose from their driver. It doesn’t matter if you’re loving or hating Valentine’s Day, whether you’re going on a date or trying to find a date–Uber is more interested in thanking you and wants you to be their Valentine’s.

So what are you to do with the rose? Really? You need it to be spelled out for you? Well here’s what Uber suggests: when you hop into your car, take the rose and give it to your special person. But if you don’t? Simple…

Don’t have anyone to give your rose to? That’s a problem that can be solved as soon as you get out the car. Find a sexy-somebody, deliver your smoothest line and a pretty red rose and boom! you’ve got plans for the evening.

There’s even a special bonus to tonight’s festivities…if you tweet a photo of you with your rose and send it to @Uber_SF along with your best pick-up line (uh oh) in 140 characters and Uber will give you a $5 credit. But the best pick-up line as awarded by their community manager, will receive a $50 credit to their account!

If you aren’t in the San Francisco Bay Area and can’t take advantage of this, you can check to see if any of the other participating cities are doing anything creative for Valentine’s Day. In a quick glance, I see that New York City is participating in this same offer, but with different rules. Make sure you check Uber’s blog to find out what other specials they’re doing for tonight.

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