Twitter will offer additional information about requests for direct messages from strangers

Aug 21, 2020 ยท 1 min read
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Twitter allows users to choose to make Direct Messages available only to those they are tracking or available for any of the platform to contact, whether they are known or not.

For this second case, since yesterday Thursday, Twitter will offer additional information about unknown users who want to get in touch through Direct Messages, as briefly reported by the platform itself through a tweet in its support profile.

First of all, Twitter will inform about the requests of unknown users and the way in which they are connected to the platform, i.e. the common followers. If you decide to accept message requests, Twitter will provide a brief information regarding their corresponding profiles along with the messages received.

In this sense, Twitter will inform both the username, the description available, the number of followers, the number of those who are following, as well as the year in which you joined the platform, for each message received by a new stranger.

In this way, Twitter wants users to have additional information that allows them to act accordingly to the context in which they move within the platform, thus gaining in some more security when interacting with other users on the platform, avoiding possible bad times that may arise from the fact that some strangers may act with bad intentions.

This is one more measure that seeks to make users feel comfortable and safe participating in the social platform itself, without having to feel restricted for different reasons, for which new control tools have been coming along all this time.

Although Direct Messages have not received all the attention they need, and there are even those who ask for conversations to be encrypted point by point, this novelty is one more step towards making Direct Messages more secure.