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Nov 09, 2009 · 2 mins read
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by Michelle Lentz

A slew of Twitter news hit today, both big and small.


The biggest news, of course, is the new round of funding. According to a blog post from Biz Stone, they’re still chugging away on their last round, but weren’t going to turn away another offer either (and why should they?).

TechCrunch is reporting that the newest dollar amount is in excess of $35 million – a combination of funds from Benchmark and Institutional Venture Partners. Apparently Twitter is now worth about $230 million. It’s good to be Twitter right now.

Looks like they can relax a little while longer before coming up with that business plan. 😉

Style Guide

As an English major, I still hold tight to my worn and beat-up copy of Strunk & White. But I’m not really sure how I feel about a Twitter style guide. After all, Twitter is often about individuality. The New York Times did a brief piece today on Dom Sagolla and Adam Jackson’s new project: 140 Characters, A Style Guide for the Short Form. According to the article, the project will

..will revolve around eight key lessons from the Twitter universe, such as the importance of simplicity, honesty and humor. The project will also highlight notable figures worth following on Twitter, anecdotes from the community and even examples of the few occasions Twitterers have gone overboard: For example, Mr. Sagolla points to “bathroom tweets,” or messages about bodily functions, as falling into the category of things not to post to Twitter.

Could be interesting, but I’m not sure how well the Twitterverse will respond to a style guide. How many people read the countless Twitter Etiquette posts people always write when they get angry at their tweeple?

Who’s really behind that tweet?

Newsweek also ran a Twitter story. Real celebrities do tweet (Shaquille O’Neal, Stephen Fry, etc), but other accounts are written by publicists. The article has a nice interview with Bob Pearson, vice president of communities and conversations at Dell, who makes sure his staff is trained to use Twitter. But perhaps most interesting is the part about new company Twit4Hire. Yes, companies and personalities are looking for, um, professional twitterers. Heck, maybe I should apply.


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