Twitter Gives You Google Juice

Feb 09, 2008 · 1 min read
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by Michelle Lentz

I saw this over on TechCrunch, where Robin posted about it, and decided the word should be spread. Twitter has made a tiny UI change that makes a definite (and rather immediate) impact on your, um, Google juice. (As an aside, where on earth did that term originate?)

If you look at your profile page in Twitter, you’ll see that the title in the browser no longer reads Twitter / username. It now reads Your Name (username). Title tags are Google-gimmes and Twitter has just done that for you.

Now, in Google, my Twitter page has never popped up on the front page. That’s all fine and good considering that my LinkedIn, my Wine Blog, and another Michelle Lentz (a rather talented artist) are all there. But now, immediately following my LinkedIn page, is the Twitter page. It’s also worth noting that my private (locked) Twitter account does not show up at all in Google, which makes me rather happy.


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