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First steps As in any marketing strategy, the first steps will be fundamental. We have to be very aware and understand that the tactics we use in Twitter Ads will be much more efficient if they are included in a social media plan. Having a final objective is fundamental to achieve a real ROI.

Some of the most common objectives in social media marketing are:

Increase brand recognition Grow in followers, generate business opportunities Getting traffic to our website Expand our market or Create awareness of important messages. Once we have set our goals within the strategy, it is time to determine the type of promotion we want to carry out.

Twitter Ads offers us three, each one of them adjusting to different objectives:

Promoted Tweets Promoted Accounts Promoted Trends Promoted Tuits The Promoted Touits are not too different from the organic ones that we can find in a timeline every day. The only difference is that we will have the ability to target a specific audience. Logically, we have the possibility that these messages will be seen by a much wider audience than the current followers of your account.

According to all known data, it is proven that a marketing strategy based on Promoted Tuits manages to create a great association between the message conveyed and our brand. This happens even when there has not been any interaction from our potential users.

Promoted Accounts This option is extremely useful for those organizations or brands that want to quickly increase their number of followers to get potential customers. What are the main reasons that will make us bet on Promoted Accounts for our social media marketing strategy? Basically, it has been proven that around 75% of the users of this social network are more likely to buy from those brands with which they have previously interacted.

Promoted Trends Thirdly, the Promoted Trends serve to boost our brand, increase purchase intent and expand our reach. They will appear in the trend panel, being in the top positions for a maximum period of 24 hours.

The reason for using this possibility in professional social networks is that, despite the fact that the trend lasts 24 hours, it is really feasible that the conversation can be prolonged in time thanks to the interaction of users. In addition, it has been proven that a person exposed to this type of promotion is much more likely to talk about it, increasing their purchase intention between 19 and 33%.

Which campaign best suits my needs? When it comes to establishing the most appropriate marketing strategy for our company on Twitter Ads, we have to keep in mind that the campaigns will move within the parameters of time and money that we will establish ourselves. We must be clear that we will be charged for participation, so we will have to enter into a game of auctions and bids.

This is one of the most important aspects of a social media marketing campaign on Twitter Ads. When we set up a strategy, we will be asked to set a bid that will be equivalent to what we believe a follower or interaction is worth, as well as the frequency in which our ad will be displayed to the audience

Fortunately, Twitter Ads will provide us with two possibilities that will facilitate the creation of a campaign:

For those based on objectives, we will only have to pay for those interactions that allow us to achieve our goals For customized campaigns, once we set the parameters, we will have to pay for the interaction but at a lower cost Audience Segmentation Finally, we have to be careful when it comes to audience segmentation in a social media marketing campaign. Not for nothing, we cannot forget that the spectrum will cover more than 270 million people and not all of them can be considered as future buyers or potential customers. Basically, there are five modalities to carry out this selection:

Firstly, there is segmentation through key words, a precise way of finding users who interact, search or participate using specific expressions

The interests and @usernames will allow us to fine-tune our audience to those who have common or specific interests

Thirdly, we will have the option to carry out a segmentation that has as a central point the television programs or movies that people are talking about Customized audiences will make it easier for us to communicate with users from lists we have created thanks to emails or Twitter ID’s

Finally, we find website remarketing, connecting with potential customers through third party applications.

If you are interested in starting Twitter Ads campaigns, or want more information on how to promote your business, contact us and we will be happy to collaborate with you.

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