Twitch is testing ‘multiplayer ads’ Follow Oct 17, 2020 · 1 min read
Twitch is testing ‘multiplayer ads’
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Twitch is rolling out a new marketing experiment dubbed “multiplayer ads”, which will only be accesible in a closed beta. These will be ads chosen by a partnered streamer, and all users will be forced to watch, bypassing Ad Block.

After one of these ads plays, the streamer can then create a poll asking users input on wha they thought about the ad.

According to a Twictch Spokesperson:

“In true Twitch spirit – we want our creators and fans to have the opportunity to experience everything together, and support their favorite creators along the way.”

This will be in addition with other unskippable ads they have implemented in order to boost streamers’ revenue and bypass mass Ad Blocker usage.

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